The Kite Runner 2 (Standard Legal)

Tomasaki 52


Based on @tmoiynmwg 's infamous Nero Severn deck, I tried updating the criminal Nexus concept to be compatible with Standard. I think the playstyle of this deck is still viable in Standard, but the actual card-by-card build still needs work.


Surveyor is a tracer: while a single Surveyor is probably cheaper to pass through via Security Nexus, a second Surveyor can sometimes be walked through just on the might of your link. In the games I had on the day, I ran a double Surveyor server twice just through link alone.


It's not easy to pressure MTI early with this deck, and that's probably not excusable in this meta right now. There might be another way to build it that can jump in their servers in the early turns, but this is not that list. (Spear Phishing?)


No more Maxwell James (R.I.P.), or Laguna Velasco District, so I had to make due with what I could. I slapped in The Archivist for spice. In retrospect, this was probably a mistake. I think were I to play this again, I'd put in 2 ProCo and another Sports Hopper and cut the Visages and Archivist.

And then maybe cut the two Corporate Grants for Spear Phishing to improve the MTI matchup.

16 Jan 2019 Tomasaki

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