Diversified Portfolio Alice (GNK)

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Standard MWL 3.1
Standard MWL 3.0
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iref 49

published by AlwaysBeRunning.net

18 Jan 2019 Longi

Nice, this may be my runner for next Diversified Portfolio GNK :)

18 Jan 2019 iref

Thanks. It turns out that you can change anarch id, take standard Val deck, drop/change 3-5 cards and have good anarch deck. :)

Maybe I would try to get second bhagat in, instead of 3rd Earthrise Hotel.

18 Jan 2019 Krasty

I think 2 MinAccs are a little bit useless here ... IMHO my changes will be -2 MinAccs, +1 Stimhack and +1 Bhagat