ASSets are my thing (crowdfunding can't stop our fun)

demoy 381

I hated asset-spam, yet seeing crowdfunding everywhere made me want to take-on the challenge of making an asset-base strategy in the worse meta for assets since I started.

Our mantra for this deck is keeping assets to the essentials. Dominating game state even when our centrals are porous. We prioritize securing Sundew and early scores (but just mulligan as normal).

Psychokinesis is the true hero this deck: It grabs assets (we have few so this is really helpful), Agendas (breaks R&D lock) and it informs us of future draws/runner accesses. Because our central ice is so porous 3 x Snare! is great (runners running broke through slots or fairchild might end their turn tagged). Shipment from Tennin allows us to turn unrezzed "assets" into 4/2s.

Some common turn 1 plays are credit/hedge fund and install Sundew behind Fairchild 3 or install Sales Team behind vanilla and advance.Then transitioning 4-5 turns later from aggressive plays to never advance threats from a fairchild 3/Tsurug remote. This deck awards the corp for aggressive plays and punishes the runner for playing passive.. in my opinion that's when Netrunner is most fun.

I have gotten the most consecutive "well played" since I started Netrunner (4 in a row!). Which showed me that assets are my thing. Give it a try and it might be your thing too.