Acme: The Oversight AI Experiment

demoy 244

In Acme, Oversight AI usually "drawback" of trashing has benefit if that ICE was outermost, then the next ICE in line becomes outermost.. allowing us to stack Hydras and Datawards till our hearts content. All while saving 5 to 9 credits. Besides that Oversight is really good against Patel and GPI Net Tap, Rezzing Hydra or Dataward turn 1 on HQ against criminals is strong in general. The rest of our influence goes to 3 MCA Austerity Policy.. HQ, R&D and Remote often cost 8 or more credits per access.. so once MCA starts ticking mid-game it's usually a guaranteed score.

Some interesting choices:

2 Intake, this is a card that overperforms, and with taxing servers a surprise 4 credit trace is strong. Also clicks are supertight (MCA.. Rashida.. 5/3 Agendas..) getting so much value clicklessly feels broken.

2 Special Reports to make the whole deck flow like water..

1 Archangel for being a Codegate that doesn't need installing.

3 Targeted Marketing which so very strong once you know the match-up, such as leaving HQ open and naming Diversion of Funds or Mining Accident. Even competitive runners might give you 10 credits from time to time.. money to be used to hard rez 3 Hydras :).

Finally Hydra..

Hydra, Hydra, Hydra.. just play this card it's really good. I would pay 12 influence to run 3 of these in Blue Sun.. but that's a deck for another day. :)

27 Jan 2019 Sanjay

What an inspired idea. I love how with both Hydra and Data Ward (the best Oversight AI) targets, there is no getting past them without either breaking all the subroutines or at least taking a tag.

I also love the 2 UCFs so they'll always live in fear of the third.

3 Feb 2019 meta4

First off, I love the ideas here. I was actually experimenting with oversight in a rushy acme deck myself, but I hadn't thought of using Hydra. I love your inclusion of MCA, which seems very strong with all the 5/3's.

How is your matchup vs a classic Gabe deck running 3 faerie and 2-3 inside job? I feel like faerie counters over sighted hydra pretty well, and inside job counters a data ward on the outside of a server, and Data wards not on the outside are pretty worthless. I was finding inside job hard to deal with in my acme deck, so I added a couple underway grids, which also help vs Sunny, who is another bad matchup.

Like, your play of oversighting a Hydra on HQ turn 1 gets countered pretty easily by Faerie+Diversion, and if that happens you're pretty screwed. And emergency shutdown hard counters hard rezzed Hydras (and Data Ward to a lesser extent).

I guess Archangel is good vs crim, and so is news hound if it's turned on, but I have a feeling it's not enough to swing the matchup in your favor against a smart Gabe player. Have you played much against that type of deck?

19 Feb 2019 bigfleet

Having played this deck "seriously", Aumakua is a problem for which the solution might be Cyberdex Virus Suite instead of one of the Intake, but maybe not. Also Jua might deserve a slot to shut off a server for Crowdfunding purposes.