New Sun Boom (Berlin GNK winner)

Saan 2668

I've been messing around with Blue Sun again ever since Oversight AI was given back to us by the kindly folks at NISEI. Being able to play both Oversight as well as Building Blocks gives BS a lot of money and a good chance of seeing something early to get you going. I've also been messing with various Border Control/ Timely Public Release decks, but the problem there is that it takes a LOT of money to keep recurring Border Controls.

Enter Blue Sun. The crazy money you can get with this ID fuels the synergy between Release and Border Control, allowing you to actually make use of it. Scoring one feels kind of like scoring a (kinda very expensive) Project Nisei. I've also used the token to add another ICE to a Surveyor server to up the entry cost, as well as (in one game) throwing an Orion behind a Chiyashi to completely bankrupt the runner. It's definitely not as rushy as an Oaktown, but it allows a lot of cool plays.

I have a murder version of this deck (this one, obviously) and a non-murder version, and I'm honestly not sure which is better. Hayley is really popular right now, and Misdirection makes it almost impossible to get HHN to actually matter, and running a Best Defense seems like it just costs them a Clone Chip. It was different when you could get your money to matter with Midseasons, but HHN simply doesn't scale in the same way. The deck might honestly just be better if the kill cards are replaced with money and the HHNs are either replaced with different ICE or Ash or something.

Either way, the deck was good enough to win me the tournament, but every game I won felt like it was fairly close. I think if you're going for a good kill deck, or trying to score under the threat of murder, Supermodernism style, then Argus or The Outfit is a better green deck for the job. That being said, it still felt great bringing Blue Sun back out into the light and seeing it perform well enough to win.

2 Feb 2019 pr1metim3

yeah...i like this deck...played around with a not kill version of blue sun but i think to have this a nice way to catch the runner of guard. greta work!

3 Feb 2019 moistloaf

Holy shit datapike, I haven’t seen that ICE in years