Kickstarter Circusfork (Berlin GNK first place)

Saan 2683

This was the winner (going undefeated) of the recent GNk we held in Berlin. Obviously, Crowdfunding Hayley is a powerful deck, but I didn't really like the monkeying around building your end-game machine of a zillion pieces, so I thought I'd try slimming down to a more light weight, flexible rig.

I poked around other decks for inspiration, and I came across Circus Hayley from Euros, and decided that it had some merit to it. Really, what I liked was the inclusion of D4v1d, Brahman, and the Compile. D4 is great right now because Surveyor is everywhere, and screw that card (my corp deck plays 3, and I'm a hypocrite). Brahman makes more D4 and Lady counters, as well as lets you jump around Cycys and Kyubans. After changing over all the rest of the influence to Crowdfundings, I had a lot of empty deck space, so I went searching for inspiration again, and came across one of my old favorite decks, Pitchfork. Spags, you mad genius. Screw Sure Gambles, Imma play Tech Writers instead!

Finally I threw in 2 Interdictions, because I don't want to lose the game on the spot to Scarcity (and I got one in my opening hand on the final match against Mti, who played Scarcity turn 1 against me).

Now, I'm not saying that this is the best version of Hayley. Honestly, a Takobi would be so damn nice some games, but would also be very hard on MU. Sometimes it's super hard to get back Crowdfundings in the late game, and Cyberdelias might go some ways to fixing that. Fitting in an Inti would probably also be great, since sometimes you can get a little taxed on Lady counters against a good player. Either way, this deck crushed it, and it felt just like Hayley of old.

1 Feb 2019 AxWill

Nice list. Did you have any issues with MUs and if so, how did you play around them? I really like Circus Hayley and was toying around similar Crowdfunding-version, but without Dheghdeer it felt like MUs were too scarce.

1 Feb 2019 Saan

Yeah, MU can be tight in the late game. It might be worth it to remove an Astrolabe and add in an Akimatsu mem chip, in order to have that extra MU. Another maybe better option might be to add in a Leprechaun to help juggle things around better.

2 Feb 2019 kotx64

I m my english is not good. what is the game plan with Fan site? And compile, the programe used go to the bottom of R/D ... without Scavenge or SMC you can t use it before a moment right?

2 Feb 2019 zmb

@kotx64 i guess they are for Artist Colony and Aesop's Pawnshop fodder

2 Feb 2019 Saan

@kotx64as @zmb said, the Fan Sites are there to be used with Artist Colony to install things as needed. I often use one to install my second R&D interface, and have used them to install Aesop's when they aren't showing up, as well as ProCo. They're also good for finding breakers when I need them.

As for Compile, yeah, the program goes to the bottom of the Stack, but that's fine, since there are so many ways to find it again. It's great with programs like D4v1d and Lady, since you get to use their counters and then put it back under your deck to be used again later. It's not 100% necessary, but it's a card that not a lot of people expect, and can be very useful.

5 Feb 2019 percomis

Hey Saan! Congrats on the win, nice seeing Circus Hayley do work again, bouncing D4 and Lady is such a treat :) Currently I'm seeing a metric ton of IP Blocks, wasn't that a bother? Or it wasn't as prevalent at the GNK?

6 Feb 2019 Saan

Hi! Yeah, there were certainly some, but not as many as to really mess up Lady. As for the tags due to Brahman's AI status, I never had it installed when I was coming up against IP Block. I think it could have been more of a problem than it was, and I might have gotten lucky with it.