Destroyer 2.0

Zero Netrunner 85

This is a variation on a deck I found on this site a long time ago. Aren't all decks though, sorta?

I'm winning over 80 percent of my matches on jnet and this is just a very fun deck if you are looking for a fast game with interesting choices. Winning in under 4 turns against good players is extremely common and less experienced players often just suicide into you turn 1.

SIU is an especially surprising win condition to have up your sleeve. Reality Threedee is the real special sauce and a card I am surprised I don't see more people play in The Outfit. It's essentially a Sure Gamble that drips.

The single copy of Dedication Ceremony for City Works Project has been a surprisingly essential card and is frequent Atlas Token target, Guard has been a lot of fun in this Criminal meta and it's the ideal choice for rushing an early Atlas or Armed Intimidation.

One could criticize that Zealous Judge is the most NPE card in the game, followed by SIU and I wouldn't strongly disagree. But it's hard to call anything that NPE if it finishes the game in a few turns. I find Builder of Nations or Jinteki grind decks to be much more NPE. In fact, I tend to find The Outfit tag and bag to be refreshingly honest in terms of just doing what it does. Although the element of variance in the game can seem especially evident with this style, it also feel like every single click of the game especially matters.

Anyway, if you like crushing someone in 3 turns up to 80 percent of the time, this is the one.

Match ups it struggles with: Aesops Haley can just economically barrel over it sometimes. That's life though.

7 Feb 2019 lunchmoney

I'm clearly having a senior moment. Can you explain how someone can suicide into you on turn 1?

7 Feb 2019 Zero Netrunner

To clarify, they won't literally die on the first turn but running a central and ending your turn with zero credits, for example, is essentially a suicide most of the time.

7 Feb 2019 lunchmoney