Cluster Fox 516


This is the deck I took to the Antwerp Q1 GNK, it's Party Shaper! Almost card for card @Slowriffs deck that came 4th at Belgian Nationals (, the only changes made were removing a Build Script and a Stimhack to include 2x Day Job and to swap the Notoriety for an Escher.

The basic idea is you fly through your deck with Exclusive Partys, Deuces Wild, etc. You want to get Comet down ASAP so you can double-event. Once you've got Top Hat installed you can to play Insight and if you see an agenda, you can Comet for "Freedom Through Equality" if you have it or Stimhack to go and get it. Engolo + Laamb get you in basically anywhere but it can get pretty expensive. Ika is there as a backup but you rarely need it, you can stick it on an Archer or something. You can also attack a remote pretty easily with Day Job > Comet > Stimhack. I went for Kabonesa Wu mainly for flavor reasons and because she has a 1, I rarely used her ability. One cool thing you can do is once you have a 5th click from Beth Kilrain-Chang is to Wu out an SMC, Day Job, Comet Stimhack, and tutor your breaker with tons of cash to break. The Escher is there to chuck Border Controls or other ice you don't want to deal with away when they don't expect it, and trust me it takes people by surprise.

The main weakness of this deck is it can't make sustained runs, you want to take surgical strikes. People will mainly ice their R&D and remote, and you generally generate enough cash to get in when it counts. If nothing is happening, you can always take pot shots at HQ but it's really hard to control their hand.

Anyway, it's a blast to play and it's pretty different. If you're bored of all the Turtlefunding decks going around, give this a spin.

ROUND 1: Bye

ROUND 2: Replicating Perfection WIN vs Pete2
This one was a 55-minute slogfest. Basically all game I was poking Archives to trash his remote economy for denial/tempo. I only saw an agenda on R&D after the 7th(!) Insight which I managed to steal, making him get rid of a Border Control. He tried to push one through the remote, I Escher'ed to swap around the unrezzed ice and got rid of two Border Controls to steal the agenda, and sniped the last one off HQ.

ROUND 3: Jemison Astronautics LOSS vs Manicmoleman
This deck was a brutally efficient and frankly very impressive rush Jemison, that ended up taking the whole tournament so I can't feel too bad about losing to it. He had two Archers and a Border Control on R&D, and Archer, Border Control and Surveyors on the remote which was prohibitively expensive to break. Not to mention he had Bio Vaults up the wazoo on the remote. I honestly should have taken more pot shots at HQ as there ended up being a few agendas piling up there, but well played to Marc, I had no chance.

ROUND 4: Replicating Perfection WIN vs Nevofix
This game went quite a bit faster. Kept him poor on centrals, he install-advanced a card in the remote which I Stimhacked to grab the Nisei, Top Hat Insighted an agenda off R&D and then sniped the last one off HQ as he was flooded.

TOP 3 ROUND 1: Jemison Astronautics LOSS vs Manicmoleman
He was the higher seed and obviously chose his powerhouse of a Jemison deck. Remembering from the last game that I hadn't seen any tagging or tag punishment cards I held on to the Top Hat in my initial opening hand. He iced HQ and his remote. I ran R&D, installed Top Hat and ran for the next cards and snaked a Hostile and a Broad Daylight. After that he consolidated and the game went pretty much the same way described above. Turns out, again, had I pressured HQ it might have gone very differently as apparently he was holding on to another 6 points worth of agendas. GG Marc, and congrats on taking the tournament!

7 Feb 2019 manicmoleman

Both of our games were very tight; I had to really keep my poker face on to dissuade those HQ runs!