ctz 2739

Do you know if you can apoc? Who gives a shit, figure it out during the turn with comet.

This deck is real goddamn fun. Go fast, play loose, and dodge hpt

10 Feb 2019 phette23

Damn Feint god dammit

10 Feb 2019 cranked

this is premium gas right here

11 Feb 2019 TyrellCorp


11 Feb 2019 ctz

@TyrellCorp you are an actual genius

11 Feb 2019 enkoder

2 architects in hand? Snap keep.

11 Feb 2019 TyrellCorp

Unscheduled maintenance so good

11 Feb 2019 Skeletons

Seminar and Embezzle in one click, genius.

10 Apr 2019 tzeentchling

No Emergency Shutdown? Cometing E-shut into Apoc is sick anti-Architect tech.

8 May 2019 zmb

If corp religiously trashes Rogue Trading (which they should), wouldn't 3 Crowdfunding pay off better? Also synergize with Apocalypse

8 May 2019 zmb

Tried this deck with a few small iterations, apparently including playing it out of 419: Amoral Scammer because I'm a complete idiot and forgot to change runner. Lets just say I had to click that draw button a lot LOL... still won after 2 Apocs :)