The Sheriff of Nottingham-Crosse Keys Winner 20 person GNK

rusefus 464

There's a new Sheriff in town and he packs his favourite implements of torture to deal with any pesky ICE that get in his way.

I took a version of this to Reading last week in a Gabe shell with Aumakua instead of a fracter and a killer and took away 2 main lessons. Aumakua is too slow to setup since you spend your early turns making money and looking for Engolo, giving the Corp plenty of time to ICE centrals. And that with IP Block everywhere and Gabes ability under-performing, 419 provides a link to help with the former and a consistently better ability with the latter.

Engolo brings great advantages to Criminal, allowing you to land high impact run events like DoF or Embezzle in the early game. And once the Corp starts to put down more ICE, cuts out their heart with a spoon <3

10 Feb 2019 rotage

Congrats on the result, with the new MWL what changes would you make to this?

10 Feb 2019 rusefus

@rotageprobably play deuces wild, im not really afraid of scarcity since im much more of a run based deck and Engolo helps deal with early game Mti

10 Feb 2019 Okkdoko

Engolo and spooned in criminal, what a time to be alive. Congrats on the win!