Flock of Seagulls

N0R5E 286

Use Express Delivery to set up early with Patchwork and Earthrise Hotel. Patchwork works with Kahn's ability for cheaper clickless installs, which you'll do a lot as you derez ice with the birds.

Crowdfunding, Security Testing, The Turning Wheel, Datasucker, and Dirty Laundry create a run driven economy that punishes the Corp for servers with unrezzed ICE, putting them in a lose-lose situation since you'll easily be able to derez that ICE again. Xanadu and Keros Mcintyre make the derezing economy work even harder.

Corporate Grant is for econ denial with all you installs, and also to stop currents like Scarcity of Resources, Targeted Marketing, Death and Taxes.

If the Corp is playing more asset heavy, feed your derezing economy to Patchwork and play Miss Bones instead. You could also swap Miss Bones for Bankroll, the MU is there.

13 Feb 2019 N0R5E

Recent changes I've made to focus on making money from runs and punishing the corp for re-rezzing their ICE

-2 Miss Bones, -1 Leave No Trace, -1 Keros Mcintyre

+3 Bankroll, +1 Hernando Cortez

15 Feb 2019 N0R5E

Moved more cards around and dropped to 2 copies of each breaker. With 40 cards and Express Delivery it shouldn't be too hard to find them. Also swapped Dirty Laundry for Mobius. Radical, I know, but it makes a lot of sense when you're using Crowdfunding, Bankroll, Datasucker, and Turning Wheel. Last I added Inside Jobs and Keros (again). Inside Job helps to trigger Kahn's ability when the Corp has wised up and Keros can make derez heavy games much more efficient. Rip Deal would be very synergistic, but I'm not sure recursion is important enough for this deck to include it.

15 Feb 2019 N0R5E

Trading Hernando and Inside Jobs for Diversion of Funds creates oppressive econ denial and HQ pressure (to shift focus from Mobius on R&D). Hernando does no good if the corp is already poor. At first I was worried that Border Control would shut down Diversion of Funds, but then I realized this deck is already running the best anti-Border Control card, Saker. Thanks bird. I'll eventually make a new post with the full suite of changes.

4 Mar 2019 MELLONE75

@N0R5E i am testing your deck whit some changes out Patchwork in 3x sahasrara to cast ice breaker whit discout amina in out peregrine i think it has better numbers if u want i send my list so we can refine better ps saker is great whit kakugo too

7 Mar 2019 N0R5E

@MELLONE75 I think Patchwork is a core card in this deck to leverage Khan's ability while running. After I added Bankroll there's not memory left for Sahasrara. Amina might work over Peregrine as a breaker.