Ricky Bobby - Bay Area SC Winner

pj20 1446

"If you're not first, you're last" - Ricky Bobby

This is the deck I piloted to first place at the Santa Clara Store Championship.

Nothing particularly original in this one, just your classic GO AS FAST AS POSSIBLE and pray to the R&D gods.

3x of ReCoCo/Dedication, Audacity and Biotic for getting the Atlas train rolling. The backup plan is to Biotic RPC a GFI for the last 3 points if they steal an Atlas.

To get RPC to work, you need counters (5 at least), so the 2x Priority Construction help there, and make your Asteroid Belts free to rez. Masvingo adds a counter itself, and is surprisingly very much a pain for Laamb I learned.

You can also use the Biotic RPC trick on your Atlas, as getting 5+ counters is pretty much game winning in itself.

As @Swan pointed out though, I definitely made the wrong choice on Timely Public Release, when I 1000% should have been playing New Construction. Glad it didn't end up mattering.

3 Mar 2019 Nxxdles

awesome deck. I want to play something like this for store champs. may swap out mass comm for tbtf. or does mass comm do a fair bit for you?