Clonefunding Gabe

internet_potato 938

Money is good. This deck makes a lot of money. 2-1 to win a tough GNK.

Dummy Box is to protect PAD Tap (NOTE THAT IT DOES NOT PROTECT Faerie's self-trash). It is not as good as Fall Guy was in this slot (RIP). It feels pretty great to protect tap with Crowdfunding.

Tycoon is really efficient and with PAD tap and/or Amina the downside doesn't feel awful while you charge up turtle.

Clone Chip is for recurring Faerie, Stimhacking Femme/Amina, or recycling Bankroll to keep the cheddar flowing.

I would consider dropping Dummy Box and/or RDI for a The Maker's Eye and some high impact events (Inside Job, Falsified Credentials would be my preferred targets).

5 Mar 2019 BlackCherries

Do you find Masanori as a liability with all the non-ice ETR effects?

5 Mar 2019 BlackCherries

non-subroutine* effect I should say.

5 Mar 2019 internet_potato

You definitely have to be aware of it! He helps out a lot in horizontal matches but I might not install him against Mti if I'm expecting to eat a lot of nisei counters or bio domes.

6 Mar 2019 Blackhaven

Sneakdoor Beta is quite nice with everybody putting Breached Domes in archives.