Exclusive May

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Pinkwarrior 2208

Fast no frills Shaper deck, back from the dead.

9 Mar 2019 yehaaa6

Mildly curious why this doesn't have Comet if there's so many events? Could cutting the test runs and 2x Oracle May to put 3x Comet and 2x Stimhack work better?

9 Mar 2019 Pinkwarrior

Bluntly No, that would be really bad cutting those cards, not that the whole idea is flawed but Test Run is both your search & your clone-chip since you will inevitably eventually hit a program from game to game with oracle may so taking out Test run is a massive no-no.

Putting in Comet gives you more cards you don't get may money with and may is amazing econ power it maybe viable to go comet over may but you'd have to find more econ then, not that having it in is impossible. It maybe an idea to put in 2 hostage and have 1 may with 2 comets but you do have the issues of not been able to get it back without levying if you hit it with may which will slow you down alot.

Stimhacks fine to add but you will have to cut some inf for any of these ideas and Exclusive Party is one of the best econ cards in the deck so finding inf is hard.

I hope that's all helpful.