Assets of Tomorrow

branimated 402

I think Fully Operational might be good in here, so it's time to resurrect this old mess. Let's take a look!


Money, FA, Vitruvius. I like this core, but we'll have to replace Elective Upgrade. Ikawah, SSL, GFI all come to mind.


Only 2x DBS feels shameful, I can only assume I was laboring underneath MWL influence or something. MCA, Marilyn, Jeeves, DBS are all pretty good. 1x Team Sponsorship and 1x Blacklist feel kind of spicy. The latter punishes Crowdfunding, which is kind of nice, but that might induce fewer runs against my bioroids, which is less nice.


Only 2 IPO?? What was I even doing. Definitely going to be putting 3x Fully Operational in here, but I'm not sure if I'll be cutting any of this. Maybe one of the Biotics.


Batty is interesting, but I think these days Border Control might work better.


It's perfect. I guess I'll cut the Miraju and get Eli 1.0s in.

Please like this list so I can get another deck slot to make the new, fully operational version of this upcoming archetype. Thanks!