Reinarado v6 (Portland Regionals, 7th place)

grogboxer 406

The version I took to Portland regionals, went 3-2 in Swiss but 0-2 in eliminations. One of those losses is definitely a misplay (hit a NAPD but forgot to gain credit first) and another loss was not seeing Datasucker/Knight/Djinn in the first third of my deck.

My other version uploaded here summarizes my strategy. It is a Criminal deck in that it is all about running. You HAVE to run and keep them poor, either by faceplanting into ice or parasiting and running datasuckers. That's also why I don't use Noise-- I need an open archives to get suckers, if they ice it EARLY I have problems. Late game icing Archives is fine, that's ice they aren't using on R&D. Also, Reina's tax makes rezzing more of an issue. Lastly, her Link is gravy for Caduceus/Viper/etc. If they don't rez ice, punish them by bringing out medium. Infiltration is a meta call for Jinteki, though it helped me beat a Red Coats deck at the tournament by trashing a GRNDL Refinery.

Express Delivery is a lot better than Quality Time in this deck. You need a specific tool, Express gets it for you. Quality Time forces you to discard stuff and costs 2 more. I'd rather have 2 credits than the extra card.

10 Jun 2014 prozz

nice deck. would u consider switch id to whizzard? looks like not much denial other than reina ability here and free trash seem more handy.