Ever wanted to bounce an Anansi back to HQ for 13 credits?

percomis 897

With the combined power of Laamb and Ankusa you can! And this is one of the decks that can actually fuel that combo.

Won an SC in Budapest today with this deck, so for ABR bragging rights and easier sharing I'm publishing this list.

Obviously this deck's based off the Rube Goldberg Hayley list published by @DoomRat. When that list went public, with @tugtetgut we jumped on it to figure out how to improve it. The Davinci bit seemed like an overkill and Earthrise felt unnecessary. Then came the idea of Deus X + Panchatantra as an early-game engine that makes money while helping you contest servers until your rig is done. Then came the idea of Ankusa as this deck has enough money for it and it's really neat against Border Controls (also Kakugos, but you are usually covered against those anyway).

Deus X is amazing by itself as well in certain matchups, like most of Jinteki decks you'll face. Most of their ICE is AP. Also 3 of the 4 Fairchilds are AP. It also has the neat side-effect of making you virtually unkillable by any net-damage based deck (which is usually already difficult to do because of the 3 Levy and clickless draws).

We also took out 2 Street Peddlers for a second Hostage. The idea was that you'll peddle on your first time you burn through your deck for Tech Traders or DJ Fenris anyway and during the 2nd or 3rd runthrough you have a chance of losing Levies with Peddlers. Maybe I'm just bad at peddling but this seemed like a good idea.

What is this deck good against?

Jinteki and/or glacier decks. This deck is tailor made to beat anything Jinteki and any deck that lets you burn through your deck once while not winning in the meantime.

What makes this deck sad?

  • Everything listed in DoomRat's writeup.
  • Str 12+ Surveyors.
  • Rush and fast-advance decks.
  • Decks with Amani Senai that bounce loaded Technical Writers.
  • CtM with MCAAP. 3 clicks is not enough to do relevant things and use Misdirection.

Why no gifs?

Chris Dyer disapproves of them and I thought I'd try to do something he actually approves for a change.

10 Mar 2019 Longi

well done Peter, hopefully to see you in Brno stores for rematch :)