CTZ_17_WINFLUENCE (1st Place Store Champ)

ctz 2215

People forgot about excal


If u want the thrill of playing emmtee but also want to make your opponent read your ID, this is the deck for you.

10 Mar 2019 phette23

Blue Level is legal? What a weird ass way to use 17 influence.

10 Mar 2019 ctz

Faust got banned so I couldn’t spend INF on that

10 Mar 2019 moistloaf

For when 3 rashida just ain’t enough gas

10 Mar 2019 spags

‘Oh, shit! Thought you were on Mti.’ -more than one JNET opponent

10 Mar 2019 Thike

@spagsI was 100% one of those jnet opponents.

@ctzI also built something like this when I fist got my hands on Border Control. Love the archetype and the build. Keep being you.

10 Mar 2019 ctz

Easily favorite play with this deck is AG bounce into server with dna + batty for a kill.

10 Mar 2019 CryOfFrustration

By coincidence I took something similar to a SC yesterday, but mine had Jinja City grid in it. Only went 3-2 but that's cause I only did 2 games of practice with it beforehand. I love this ID, it's very interesting and skill-testing without being ridiculously overpowered like Mti.

11 Mar 2019 Saan

I've been playing Excal in blue Sun with Border Control and Timely Release for a while now. You can abuse that shit so hard, especially by being able to move Excal around with BS. Honestly, doing it with Nisei and AgInf on top of everything just seems cruel, man. How's a runner ever gonna run? Have some pity.

11 Mar 2019 ctz

Quest completed is the answer for runners

11 Mar 2019 Thike

Quest Completed is the answer for life.

11 Mar 2019 BizTheDad

@Thikethat comment made my day.

15 Mar 2019 enkoder

Thanks for the PSA to slot an AI breaker :)

16 Mar 2019 tzeentchling

How are you ever going to keep them out of a server without Sandstorm though?!?