No Brainer Kity

Longi 1574

I build this deck as my last farewell to shapers as the new set spoilers made my wildest criminals dreams come true and I intend to put on blue without worrying that it may not be the correct choice. I chose Kit as she fits my aggressive style and made the deck plain simple. To play it, you only need to follow three easy steps:

1) Prevent any rush attempts, using the combination of Kit´s ability and Engolo, Stimhacks are big help.

2) Click ProCo bunch of times until your board is set up. Find Gebersellasie, with Engolo it´s beast! You often need no other breaker.

3) Lock the R&D with Interfaces. Kati and Psyche Mike are there to help with money.

In case you meet green or yellow corp, install Misdirection. In case you meet MTI, use Estrike wisely and hope for a bit of luck. Feedback filter is there to help with the rest of red decks.

Lastly, I would like to give a shout-out to all Hungarian crew. The Stores were fun as always and I never regret to travel couple of hours to play in Budepast. See you guys soon!