Az Starter Deck

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Name: Az McCaffrey
Age: 17
Birthday: April 11
Pronouns: He/Him (female-to-male trans)
Place of Residence: ChiLo, USA
Likes: Greasy burgers, cybernetics (and tinkering in general), Diesel, jazz/hip-hop/lo-fi electronic music

Why is Az a criminal?
When he was originally designed, tinkering was just his hobby and he ran for cold hard cash. As his motivations shifted and his tinkering also became his profession, his motivation for running became less about liquid creds, and more about keeping above the competition. Jinteki taught him basic surgery to apply cybernetics. HB has some great blueprints he spies on to stay ahead of the curve. Weyland has plenty of contacts for cheap materials. Knowing what's going on in NBN's development lets him adapt his rigs and parts to be as untraceable as possible.

Rhymes with "jazz".

Look at this good sweet boy

Hey all, Holly here with NISEI Creative. Now that everything is spoiled, I can finally post my casual Az deck! I've grown very attached to Az as a character, (he'll have a lot of story snippets released in the coming week(s)), and seeing this character go from his earliest conceptions to on an actual card has been a wild ride, so I'm super excited to play him!

Isolation has proven to be a great Criminal card, especially with both Crowdfunding as well as Bank Job, which gets some fun synergy in Az.

Masterwork v37 along with The Class Act gives us some clickless power-draws while throwing down some goodies like Flip Switch or Lucky Charm in the process.

Az's buddy and cohort Baklan is a fantastic card, especially if seen early, and along with Flip Switch can definitely make runs and face-checks much safer.

Trickster Taka is a cutie and is cheap drip econ. Do note that as a Companion and not a Connection, Az does not get his bonus from installing them. However, they do help turn on Utae along with Crowdfundings and The Turning Wheel.

Fun changes include adding in Rogue Trading, Hot Pursuit, and Citadel Sanctuary to get the full benefit of these powerful Criminal cards while taking advantage of Az's base link to drop their resulting tags without spending the click to do so.

Armitage Codebusting also gets the value from Az's ability, and makes a great Isolation target!

Of course, recurring some of these great Criminal events is never a bad idea either. I just personally couldn't decide what to cut.

I hope you all enjoy Ashes: Downfall as much as I have, and remember, Always Be Running! <3

12 Mar 2019 Thike

so i herd u lik hardware

14 Mar 2019 CuddleBunny

Only thing Az is missing is a Genesys statblock.

15 Mar 2019 arccollie

@CuddleBunnyFunny you should mention, I'm about to be playing him in a game so he technically has a character sheet. :)