Lasers to MaxX Power (Turbo Khusyuk MaxX)

errantmage 316

An attempt at Khusyuk MaxX in the style of Turbo Bird. Your basic plan is to draw for enough breakers and other random stuff to get a 2-3 card Khusyuk access early, then set up more and do it a lot more. To paraphrase Mr. Moon: "Play stimhack a lot. Play khusyuk a lot."

I didn't test this at all, and it needs a few iterations I'm sure, but all the pieces are roughly here.

14 Mar 2019 branimated

Hate to point this out, but it's impossible for Utae to break subs more than once per run in this list. Hopefully that won't come up :)

14 Mar 2019 errantmage

You might have to install a second! And then... get more Khusyuk value.

21 Mar 2019 zmb

You could also include one of the companions or Ice Carver (that was in original deck) for Utae value :)