CodeHack Wu

Pinkwarrior 2278

Step 1 Mulligan for Stimhack

Step 2 Go get 2x SMC with WU then Stim a server.

Step 3 Install 2 Rezeki with stim credits.

Result Econ Set for the game.

So why only 2 Rezeki? Well theirs a few reasons firstly you only really need 2. But also theirs a hole host of problems that comes with trying to set 3 up, MU restraints for 1 not to mention the 3rds gonna start dipping into real money. then theirs the fact that now you've used all 3 SMC's most likely to get them down so you can't go get a breaker to stop the corp rushing you.

Clone Chip - To get more SMC's and get the rig set up quicker

Supercorridor - 2 MU console that allows more Stimhacking. It's ability may sometimes get you some cash (if your lucky)

Film Critic because your econ is fine and Crowdfunding actually requires alot of runs, This deck tends to prefer to do only 1 run a turn thanks to other cards.

Cyberdelia extra MU card mostly to help you get the needed MU quicker for your rig but also allows you to get the extended bits of your rig down Datasucker/Misdirection.

Engolo your AI breaker that should probably be your first breaker to go get as it gets you in any 1 ICE'd server at least once a turn.