Smoke's companion animals

Cpt_nice 756

Trickster Taka is an "infinite" drip stealth card. And it's a cute fox. Need more reasons to run it?

Three is probably too much, but seeing as Smoke has plenty of influence to spare, I decided to just go balls to the walls. Can't wait to see if these tricksters pull their weight.

With this many stealth credits, Switchblade is a no-brainer. It breaks every sentry except a 4+ ice deep Surveyor for 2 measely stealth credits. I also love having cheap answers for Tour Guide.

Khusyuk is allows for amazing deep digs and you can easily get it up to 6 cards in this deck. Refractor, Cloak, triple tricksters, the critics, Clone Chip, Astrolabe... they are all 1 credit to install. The Dummy Box is there as an extra target and to deal with scary trash effects, but you can easily switch it out for an Armitage, Kasi string or Gebrselassie.

15 Mar 2019 hemraa

Trickster is unique, but it feels like the econ will still be pretty good once you get Net Mercur out as well.

15 Mar 2019 Cpt_nice

@hemraa I totally overlooked that. I feel dumb.