Good Guy Jinteki

Dydra 2760

I made this deck by request from a friend and it actually turned out to be quite a fun deck! He wanted this deck to have a big RP value and make a Jinteki deck that doesn't kill people, but still wins! :P

So here it is!

The General Idea(s):

  • A lot of 0 advance installs
  • Mushin no Shin either a Plan B or a Snare/Shi-kyuu and ToL from it. If they access/expose it - bad for them :D U score from hand. If they don't bad for them, u score from hand :D
  • When u are already fucking quite a lot with your opponent's mind, Mushin no shin an Unorthodox Predictions and guarantee yourself a safe score the turn after
  • just "binary" ICE
  • Sweet econ combo with MHC and Sweeps Weak that might net u a few more extra credits

The Influence

The first time I did this deck, I've spent exactly 0 influence ... WoW! Can u believe it! ;) How awesome is that?! Basically, Jinteki already have everything they need to have a fast-advance deck, without incorporating stuff like San-San or Biotic Labor ;)

So I decided to use the "free" 12 influence upon improving what I believe to be some shaky or questionable cards. I've changed 2x WoSt and 2x Himitsu-Bako for , 2x Hive and 2x Wrap Around :)

Also I changed the 3x Diversified Portfolio for 3x Sweeps Weak, which as I said might combo with MHC and it is also an already tested solid econ card.

One last note

If this deck ends up having enough money as it is, put in 2-3 snares on the place of some money cards, would add significant R*D protection and more things to put down for shell games and wasting their exposes and stuff

Celebrity GIft would be bad in this deck because when you put the non advance card down u want the mind of your opponent to start running wild and showing him your hand will sadly limit the amount of naughty things u might have prepared for him and he will play around that if he is good.

Ah, also, PE can easily kill someone who is careless and doesn't have DeusEx :D

BUT for the sake of RP Value, we will assume that each Medical University needs at least 1 corpse to teach students autopsy on :D

If the deck needs MORE fast advancing, simply put 3x Clone Retirement on the places of some of the 1-3's and enjoy ;)