Flock of Seagulls 2

N0R5E 286

Criminal got a great new set of tools in Downfall that make this deck run much smoother. Express Delivery and Earthrise Hotel have been replaced by the draw and filtering of Blueberry! Diesel and The Class Act. That extra draw will feed Patchwork with Kahn's ability for cheap clickless bird breaker installs after a derez. Remember to feed Crowdfunding to Patchwork too since you easily get it back.

Influence was moved around to include R&D Interface which shifts pressure onto all 3 centrals. Rezzing ICE to protect that many servers (and then re-rezzing it after using the birds) is going to leave the corp very poor. Especially if Diversion of Funds and Hernando Cortez are doing their thing. If they don't rez that ICE the run-based economy in Security Testing, Dirty Laundry, Bankroll, and Crowdfunding is going to punish them for it.

Always Have a Backup Plan makes it possible to get past ICE giving you trouble, activate Khan's ability, or save clicks when they use a Nisei token or Border Control. Flip Switch makes facechecking less scary, something this deck does a lot to promote more ICE rezzing. Datasucker works well with the run economy and translates directly into credits when it saves you from making a clunky boost with the bird breakers.

20 Mar 2019 N0R5E

I think I may replace Always Have a Backup Plan with Corporate "Grant". Currents are helpful since Crowdfunding is often countered by Targeted Marketing or Death and Taxes and the ability works well with other econ denial. Special Order also deserves a slot because this deck needs breakers ASAP. Not sure what to remove for it yet or if the shuffle effect works counter to my card filtering effects.

20 Mar 2019 N0R5E

Traded Patchwork for Paragon, the filtering and money is better. With the spare influence I dropped Always Have a Backup Plan and Hernando Cortez for 3 Mining Accident. Bad pub and econ denial are huge boosts in this deck.