Khul Khrimes

branimated 453

Like many (@shazzner, @doomrat) I'm curious about whether Spec Work can speed up the early game of our favorite noodly boye! Also, Khusyuk seems like a R&D dig card designed specifically for us - 5 of our in-faction installables cost 2, and it's not too hard to slot a few more, now that we have a 2 inf 2 cost decoder! I'll never say NISEI didn't give us anything.

Ok, the gameplan is the same as always - mulligan for Chop Bot 3000, find a turtle for pressure, then try to build your Wasteland/Reaver rig while you're at it. Hopefully Harbinger and Cache can get Spec Worked for some much needed draw! Use Clone Chip with your ID ability & Chop Bot to have breakers on speed dial (unless you think they're on Ark Lockdown). Use Clone Chip on the Corp's turn to bring back a Harbinger for off-turn Wasteland/Reaver triggers as well as another round of trashes.

The Assimilator is here as a 1x because it combos with Harbinger for infinite late game money, and as another way to make use of Rebooted cards.

Looking forward to giving this one a spin.

17 Mar 2019 MrEhjiwurth

Im also trying a similar build. Have you considered Freedom Through Equality as a option?

17 Mar 2019 branimated

Freedom does combo with Khusyuk, but you're not going to Khusyuk every game. It's too expensive to be anti-Scarcity, so it's really only a card you'd slot if you're confident that you'll be able to use it. Could cut something like Prey for 1x.

18 Mar 2019 Uruz

similar to what I'm on too, but I'm still on the cam engine and estrike. I think your cache/chip is better for spec work, but it's more moving parts.

21 Mar 2019 branimated

Yeah, the cams are still pretty perfect for triggering Wasteland/Reaver off-turn, but I was finding that even running 6 isn't enough to actually spy an agenda (without Levy, and you give up a lot to run Levy). Maybe my R&D peeks were just super unlucky during those games!