Blueberry Diesel When?

HiddenAway 850

With Comet rotating soonish, I've decided to try and give it a send off before another of my favourite cards rotates out (Ayla being the previous one).

This deck is similar to the original Comet Ken deck I posted after York. I did switch out Demara for Tycoon and after a blowout against rotage at York, I added an extra copy of Amina and Tycoon. I also took out Oracle May and Symmetrical Visage and replaced them with a Stimhack (rarely used) as well as losing a Legwork.

I thought of adding a Credit Kiting to help with Networking's general inclusion but eventually thought better of it.

Once Downfall hits, I will likely tweak this deck to swap out the Build Scripts for Blueberry Diesel, Golden for Burkhalter and figure out some use for the 3 influence left over.

I hope you have fun playing this deck :)