Deli Counter (4-0 Portland Store Champs)


How do you win a mat at Store Champs without winning any games with your Runner? May I recommend:

1) Have only 8 people attend (actually I strongly don't recommend this, bring your friends!)

2) Win every game with your Corp (highly recommend)

3) Get very lucky with strength of schedule

Why Deli Counter? Because they have those little machines where you take a tag so you can get your meat (and I heard Butchershop may already be taken as a deck name...)

Deli counter

This game plan of this deck is to get rich and build a remote with one or two Data Raven and the Turing if you're lucky, plus as many of the Forced Connection, Overseer Matrix, and Prisec as you can find. Usually by the 4th upgrade in the server, the runner is intrigued (several raised eyebrows today), and after one or two agendas scored out they can't ignore it any longer and have to check it out. 8 tags later, the game tends to end quickly.

A few notes on the card choices:

  • Project Atlas is a high priority to score early with a counter or two on it. The value of instant access to High-Profile Target cannot be overstated.
  • I got burned by using Blockchain in an earlier version of this deck at Regionals last year and was convinced it was a meme card. I put it back in this week at the recommendation of the Slack deckbuilding channel. Never rezzed it all day. May still be a meme card.
  • Drudge Work is perfect for dealing with early agenda flood. Bonus points if they run your trap remote to get rid of it, but if they don't, trash it once you're set up and have an agenda to put in the remote.
  • I had forgotten about the AI restriction on Turing, but it's a great way to deal with pesky turtles.

Notes on the matchups:

1) Ben on Rube Goldberg-esque Hayley: Death and Taxes is perfect against this, except when it gets trashed right away by Inderdiction. Also, lots of money + running 2nd click plus Misdirection is a pretty serious counter to my game plan. Eventually Hayley wanted in R&D bad enough to give me a Data Raven counter, and two/three cards in the grip plus me having all three Armed Intimidation in hand meant that there weren't enough trashcan targets on the board for DJ Fenris Geist to save her.

2) Vee on GPI Net Tap Supplier Iain with Film Critic: this is one of my arch nemesis decks. I thought I would be able to score out using two Atlas counters on Project Atlas and IPO, but I forgot that going up to exactly 15 credits meant that Iain's friend Beth would give him an extra click so he could set up and then click through Turing. I believe I finally won by scoring out, but it all came down to Vee not being able to find his Rubicon Switch before the end.

3) Julian on Ed Kim: oh DDOS, what a card. Lost some points early due to my naive belief that one piece of ice could protect an agenda, and then later that two pieces could (DDOS + Inside Job). I was extra diligent about protecting centrals, but only ever had one operation trashed, and it was Beanstalk Royalties so I felt OK. My failing memory tells me I scored out here once I got enough ice on the remote.

4) Aaron on Kit: not much interest in my remote (or maybe just good sense). I got up to 5 points and had the winning Project Atlas in the remote along with 3 or 4 others. Kit had two points and an RDI and decided the best angle was try R&D. Having a Data Raven on R&D and then hitting Forced Connection was enough to switch on YOLO mode, which led a deep access but no agendas. HPT for the game.

Thanks to everyone who came out, and congratulations to Bailey for winning!