It's the Great Gagarin! 4th Compleat Strat, 3-1 Swiss

Shiiuga 1199

Look, I'm as surprised as you are that asset spam is viable as it is in 2019 but it seems that most everyone but crim has dropped the crowdfundings since it got restricto.

I was inspired by Internet's InterNEH deck that came a hair's breadth away from winning the Philly store championship. I'm an old hat at asset spam but I've always been more comfortable playing it out of ol' Yuri so I tried to port the deck as much as possible in to green.

I kept the core 9 asset influence, Jeeves Model Bioroids and Mumba Temple but obviously playing from a different faction meant some changes. The beating heart of this deck is New Construction. A totally viable turn 1 is to install newcon, install an ice in front of it then advance it to install an asset. Often the remote won't be contested early and you can score out next turn while installing the other assets in your hand. With 2 Turtlebacks rezzed it becomes an Oaktown Renovation that installs your cards for you. The tempo boost of scoring it with one or two Team Sponsorships out means you can often install 5 assets a turn all while scoring points and making money. That's value town, baby. Urban Renewal is obviously super gross and I should be ashamed of myself for including it.

People seem to fear running Hostile Takeover in Gagarin but it's fine as the last point and even earlier if you have Elizabeth Mills on the board to rez immediately after.

You can combo out from 4 points with a 2 advanced NewCon and Jeeves on the board and a Hostile in hand. Just advance the NewCon twice, installing the Hostile with one of those clicks, then advance the Hostile and use your Jeeves click to advance it again. This can be nice if you're under a bit of pressure and the runner isn't expecting it.

Today's matches:

Round 1: loss vs Allison on multiaccess combo MaxX - sometimes this deck loses off lucky R&D accesses and such was the case here. I was up to 5 points and just couldn't find the last agenda despite drawing aggresively.

Round 2: win vs Chase (Philly champion!) on Freedom - he struggled to find Yusuf or Sucker early which gave me the turns I needed to set up. Kept on recurring Urban Renewals after I noticed he was using his Freedom trash to doink them, which meant he wasn't doinking my HPTs from hand. I had the 3 point combo set up and he injected exactly the cards he needed to go get the NewCon, so instead I HHN HPTed him. That'll teach him to ruin my combo!

Round 3: win vs Janet on tagme Obelus Paparazzi Liza - I waited until Liza had enough tags (with a helpful HHN along the way!) to kill through Obelus, trashed the Paparazzi and did the deed.

Round 4: win vs Kurt on MaxX - got to 5 points and kept trashing border controls on archives to prevent the Omar ability after rebirth then never advanced an armed intimidation for the win.

Round 5: 241 with Rob. I beat his Mti with Hayley and then he soundly beat me with Freedom but it wasn't official so it didn't happen and you can't prove otherwise.

Cut: Loss vs Chris on Apoc MaxX - some people had heavily teched for an asset spam meta and Freedoms aside I was lucky to avoid them until the cut. Chris minced me in seconds and deserved to win the whole shebang. My other cut game was a runner loss.

Only Internet and I were running spam so hopefully people won't bother teching for it next time ^_^

17 Mar 2019 LSTM

I only lasted three turns against this deck. After scoring three points of the top of R&D turn one, I got excited and was definitely unprepared for HHN. Well played!

17 Mar 2019 LSTM

Sorry, wrong Gagarin deck, wrong SC... looks good too though