I Shall Install This Ice In Front Of My Research Emporium

Tolaasin 722

Went 3-1 with this deck to win at the Liverpool, UK Store Championship, beating Zamba 419 twice and Good Stuff Val once, losing to another Zamba 419 deck.

One of my new year's resolutions was to learn to play some different archetypes, so I settled on Mti, mainly because I kept losing to it. This build is very largely the work of a playtesting friend, @groenkaaf, with encouragement from @okkdoko, It has a toolbox feel to it, in that you have Ark Lockdown for careless Anarchs, and Crowdfunding, plus a Breached Dome to save having to commit too much ice to Archives, then Sadaka usually to take out a loaded Turning Wheel, or a Citadel Sanctuary. I'm not a big fan of Marcus Batty, I'd rather have a solid end the run, and Sandstorm does that most of the time. Code Replicators are there to make a run which steals expensive enough that you can create a scoring window next turn to score the agenda you really want, which is obviously Nisei. I've been on TFP for a while, and while it self-protects, it's miserable scoring it early, and SSL gives you the tempo you need - this deck is more rush than glacier.

The day went something like this ...

Round 1 Bye - I guess I was happy enough to get this!

Round 2 (v Rubicon GPI Zamba 419)- Faced @nemo , a player who I've had many tight games with at events, and this was no exception. I felt this would be a really hard grind for Mti, if even winnable, and it was - the game turned on a single play in which @nemo facechecked a DNA Tracker, expecting to be able to de-rez it with the Muertos he had in hand, but the Tracker took both money and the Muertos from hand, making HQ safe for most of the rest of the game. I used a Nisei token to kill a Leave No Trace run - your only hope against this deck is to create a game state in which they have no turtle tokens and no easy way to get them, which also shuts down their economy - which eventually, is what happened, and I could score out for the win.

Round 3 v the same deck piloted by @teacake27. I lost this fairly comprehensively to econ denial, and not finding enough money. Playing proactive scarcity was probably wrong, since you really want to hold it back to clear Corporate Grant.

Round 4 v Zamba 419 GPI Taps (yup, the tournament meta was all this all the time), piloted by @zomb, like me a player of a certain vintage. I was resigned to losing this too, until I realised that zomb's build was designed to go faster, and had no de-rez effects. Most of the game involved me clicking for credits and purging, and slowly building to a board state that was too expensive to run repeatedly, letting me score out. To be fair, zomb was pretty unlucky off R&D, and I only survived early flood by putting 3 agendas into the bin, hoping that he wouldn't run there, and I could pre-emptive them back next turn, which I got away with.

Cut game 2 v @mcg on ... Nexus 419. I managed to rush fairly hard, scored two CSTs which gave me enough econ for the rest of the game, and two Anansi's on HQ and R&D which were way too expensive to run repeatedly, and I closed the game out - after arking all three crowdfundings, which felt sweet. We played a couple of turns of Regency Netrunner in the middle of the game which broke the tension and gave me a deck name.

Cut game 3 v @davo on (finally, Good Stuff Val). I felt much, much more comfortable with this matchup, scored an early philotic, then had a dry patch with no agendas coming through. Breached Dome in archives took out a clutch rebirth, and Sadaka hit a loaded turning wheel, and I found the ice I needed to make the remote too expensive to get into for the win (Tsurugi, IP Block, Border, Mti put in Sandstorm).

I like the deck, it's flexible, and it's able to keep moving forward, most of the time.

31 Mar 2019 Qris

Nice deck! I'll try it out as I also find it hard to play against Mti.

How about swapping the Tsurugi for Komainu, to multiply the subroutines with Code Replicator? I just love replicating Anansis and Komainus.