I just flipped the switch (flip flip) - SC Hattersheim 1st

Labbes 172

fuck drake though he's a creepy pedo
This is just a pirate Geist tuned to try and have an easier time vs faster decks that don’t really allow for early runs (i.e. Argus and Outfit). A third Sure Gamble would be neat if you can somehow cut something for it, but I didn’t feel I needed it on the day.
Turning Wheel is in there because I can’t deal with not not hitting agendas with spycam and I think I prefer it over Kongamato, which mostly doesn’t break subs you care about anyway. This doesn’t mean it’s the correct choice here, if you’re a player who can play more patiently than I do instead of just hammering centrals like an idiot, definitely remove the TTW.
Please don’t play Flip Switch, it allows you to facecheck like crazy, get paid for it and makes Jinteki look bad. It also gets you some mileage vs HHN decks if you have tech traders out, getting around econ warfare more easily.
I initially had Baklan in here because he seemed good, but @Jackmade told me it's a bad card and he's right, because you don't want to make unimportant runs to fill up those counters until it's so late in the game it doesn't matter anymore.
Class Act is the nuts and maybe should be a 2-of.

24 Mar 2019 Krasty

Hey @Labbes, can I have a question, how usefull was DJ Fenris in this deck?

25 Mar 2019 moistloaf

class act in geist is actually nutty

25 Mar 2019 Labbes

@Krasty tbh not that great, unless you have a fantastic start you can't handle the tempo hit of installing it early. It's very good lategame though.

27 Mar 2019 presheaf

Looks cool! Have you thought about Masterwork, though? The installing hardware on run part seems to be only slightly useful given that you aren't running that much, but getting an extra draw off your spycams is pretty nuts. If you're soliciting opinions on cuts I'd cut the Hostages for a 3rd Sure Gamble and 1x Masterwork.