Municipal Bonds V1.0

PowerCycle 28

Municipal bonds are boring. However, they are the debt securities issued by states, cities, counties and other governmental entities that fund day-to-day obligations and to finance capital projects such as building schools, highways or sewer systems. And this deck employs that boring financing to create a fast and cheap glacier set up to gear check most runner decks. And even hinders late game runner decks.

Agenda: I have two desires; keep the density low and enable SSO’s ability. 3x City Works are a no brainer. The defend themselves and allow for 3 advancements on ice. 3x Hollywood Renovations are weaker but allow me to pump up my ice more. Finally 2x Underway Renovations; this could easily be 1x atlas, 2x hostiles, or 2x Divested trust. However, I wanted to maintain the public theme and milling cards on the stack is fun.

Assets: The what now?

Upgrades: what?

Operations: Money, money, money. I probably go overboard with the transactions. But I thought blockchain was gonna be chill but I had to cut ties. 3x Hedge, 3x IPO, 3x Beanstalk, 3x Mass Comm should give you 10-20 credits by mid game. 3x Lateral Growth for the two creds and an install. 3x Building blocks will allow you to get up expensive ice at the 3rd and 4th positions on R&D. 3x Trick of light will let you squeak out the win. I might need some recursion.

Ice, Ice baby: I only picked ice where advancements matter. 3x ice wall for early game gear checks. Hopefully these will be around 8 strength by mid game. 3x firewalls for similar reasons. 3x Hadrians. 3x asteroid belt, wormhole, and orian for the free rezzes. 3x Masvingo, the ice is weak but the number of subroutines is directly correlated to the cost to break the ice. And the MVP is 1x Oduduwa, put this on hq or R&D and he’ll pump up the rest of your ice.

Game plan: The ideal turn one is 1. Install city works 2. Install asteroid belt over city works. 3. Hedge or something. The asteroid belt will be free to rez. And I’m only afraid of Inside Job and Quetzal. And if they are quetzal what can I do? The goal is to score 3x agendas. You’ll get 1 agenda no problem. Two will need an iced up scoring server. The 3rd is a trick of light play. Ice up R&D at least to 3, low density will protect you. The Flood is the enemy.