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ZomB 88

Anti freedom tech build.

The Lotus Fields are 7 to break with Laamb and of course they cant use Datasucker.

The Tsurugi is cheaper than Anansi (that would be trashed on sight), costs 4 to break, and has a handy ETR which is rare in a sentry. However it can be broken by mimic and cheaper sentry breakers so not an easy slot.

The single Afshar is to use as the outermost ice on HQ as it cant be Hippo'd or Knifed.

26 Mar 2019 BlackCherries

Love the triples (consistency) in this deck! Although if you're really 100% anti-Freedom, you probably want some Sandstone in as well.

27 Mar 2019 ZomB

I thought about Sandstone and then dismissed it as only single sub and easily worn down. However it is cheaper than Envelope, works with Reverse Infection as both a stack mill and to reenergise it, and costs the same to break with Laamb. It comes down to the dubious value of the face check of Envelope and if they happen to have a better barrier breaker. I likely should try it.