ransomman 314

This deck went from a Knifed/Laamb deck to a Knifed/Laamb/Heartbeat deck.

I was really trying to capitalize on Ken's influence and ability by building the initial Knifed/Laamb structure. This was winning some games but didnt really have the consistency, and I was still losing to Jinteki and Boom! decks.

Two things happened. 1.) I saw that deck that used Prey and Crowdfunding to trash ICE and 2.) The Class Act dropped.

For the first point, I already had Knifed built in so I didnt need to go the Prey route... but I thought "hey, Heartbeat can abuse crowdfunding, and its way better than Caldera since it prevents ANY damage!" So it went in. For the second point, The Class Act allows for consistency like never before in Criminal. It allows for 2-ofs and 1-ofs to really be fine. The Class Act combined with Drug Dealer really makes this deck sing. Side note: I tried using Blueberry Diesel and it was honestly a little too much draw. Actually, even having two Drug dealers installed at once can be too much of a detriment. I included Isolation for this exact purpose (to get rid of pesky Drug Dealers that have already done their jobs).

So now we have endless protection from damage and great card draw/selection. Just don't forget that at its heart (pun intended) this deck is still a Knifed Laamb deck... and a crim deck with plenty of run event tricks and shenanigans. You'll really have to consider what to use your Same Old Things on: do you recur Embezzles against HHN tag decks? Probably; do you recur Knifed against HB Glacier decks? Probably; or do you simply feed the SoTs to Heartbeat against Jinteki? Maybe. The point is that this deck is pretty flexible but it takes some piloting skill to guide it to victory!

The rest of the deck is filled with a lot of low cost cards that can be fed to the Heartbeat if needed, or you can just make use of the toolbox of events.


EDIT: for more consistency you can try -1 Diversion of Funds +1 The Class Act and/or -1 Other Event for +1 Drug Dealer

27 Mar 2019 CritHitd20

Excellent choice of console.

2 Apr 2019 ransomman