Red Level Clearance

tanderson 252

This is a deck that I've run to a lot of success on jnet since Downfall. As far as I can see, runner has a substantial edge in the post-Downfall world, especially if they can set up. Being able to present two threats in the early game is the key to this deck's success:

1) scoring two 3/5s, which essentially guarantees victory

2) the kill if they try and contest your agenda scoring.

BABW runs rich enough to run a balance of ice a little more resistant to Aumakua than other rush decks, such as Sportsmetal. (Basically, you can run more Sandstones than Vanillas.) The operations could probably use tweaking. Finding room for more IPOs would be great, but it's tough to justify cutting any Economic Warfare, HHN, or CV. Economic Warfare is essentially the best thing you can do with a click in this game: you dump 4 less into the trace and they have 4 fewer to clear tags.

SDS is great in a meta with unoptimized decks. Most people are trying to cut corners and run few breakers to play with new toys. Not having to defend R&D early and being resilient to Inside Job means you can run out agendas much faster than ordinarily.

6 influence on RLC seems stiff, and I go back and forth. At worst, it lets you run a 46 card deck, which is what you use it for a lot in the early game or when digging for the next HHN. But it really shines when it shores up the key weakness of 3/5s. Normally, you have to spend your whole turn IAAing a 3/5, but using RLC you can IAA and also get a new piece of ice on the server. Throwing a new gearcheck on after they stole the last agenda and keeping the windmill going has won me a lot of games.

Ice suite is unoptimized, and I could use suggestions there as well. Trebuchet is good though. By the way, it's probably worse than the Blue Sun thing and the Sportsmetal thing.