Tu fui, Ego eris

Cambro 31

Came second in Uppsala, Sweden SC. The deck went 5/7 and the two loses where against film critic shapers.

They deck does very well, and Greek Geek who won piloted a very similar deck.

This deck can score out but mostly it will kill or grind out the runner (and then kill ;) )

Sting!, a broken good card in PE. In total it will do 7-9 damage. If you manage to score two the last will hit the runner for 4 netdamage they cant say no to. Same if the manage to steal two you can fast advance the last for 4 damage.

Shi.Kyu, usally they take the -1 point, making Philotic and Stock Buy-Back better.

Celebrity Gift, show them everything (expect maybe Obokata).

Crisum Grid, had an extra influence and good on HQ most of the time. Also if they dont know its a Crisum the fear Mwanza and dont dare to run.

Kakugo, best on centrals.

Data loop is very nice, lowering the handsize by two. Making Snare, Stings! very scary.

Saisentan did nothing. Prob will swap for a cheaper ice (Cortex lock).

Maybe could try to find room for 1-2 shipment from tennin.

1 Apr 2019 Greek Geek

As Cambro says Data Loop is good. Running last click, rezes it put my cards on top of the stack and thinking. Oops, I just lost.

I am not in love with NGOs on the deck, you almost never force the runner to run it for taxing and makes RD more porous. Otherwise pretty strong deck but misses 2 Shipment from Tenin :D

Got lucky in the top cut and played PE first. Probably the reason I won the tournament.