Palana in Pyjamas (3rd place Adelaide SC)

martinimon 262

Sad I don't have a better deck name for this deck (really could have thought something a lot better) Managed to get 3rd place in the Adelaide store Champ, Snare, fetal, obokata, neural, and punitive got thr job done, and Palana mostly managed its own econ.

31 Mar 2019 PowerBunz

What was the maximum net damage you did in one turn?

31 Mar 2019 martinimon

5 net in one turn, didn't result in a kill though, Adam has a lot of cards.

31 Mar 2019 Cpt_nice

I am confused by the ice wall, doesn't seem to have a real purpose. Maybe IP Block would be better?

31 Mar 2019 martinimon

You're probably right, IP Block would have been a better choice. I just like Ice wall I guess..