2nd Greenlight Comics SC - Inferior Replacement Gagarin

PowerBunz 479

Somehow, for some reason, Hades Fragment always got stolen. I don't know how runners always seem to find it. I'm not bitter.

Since NISEI ruined my life and banned Skorpios, I needed to find a corp that was just as upsetting while not being straight up evil. This list was 46th at Worlds 2018 and seemed to fit the bill. It can make people very sad, but it's technically fair. It edged out Death and Taxes Sol and Casting Call Argus thanks almost exclusively to the groans my opponents made when they saw Gag.

The more times you fire Rashida Jaheem, the more likely you are to win. Aim for 5. Standoff is my favourite legal card in this game, and it is so so good in this deck. The best plays are scoring Standoff with Arella Salvatore after also scoring an Oaktown Renovation, doubling down on all your awful garbage. Sadly I didn't get to flex this hard on the day, but it's very achievable.

I did not make any significant changes to the original list apart from MWL updates. Initially I had cut the Executive Search Firm, but it's actually shockingly good. Original list had a Corporate Town, which I cut for Drudge Work because I am a coward. I also switched the original New Construction for Armed Intimidation, which had the effect of making Tour Guide less horrifying, in exchange for dumb wins, prompting -1 Tour Guide +1 Border Control.

Best play was HHNing 1st place, and then after they cleared 2 tags and was safe, installing and advancing an Oaktown Renovation naked, then HHNing them again when they stole it to prevent my Team Sponsorship madness from going off, before I immediately lost to the classic play of having 5 points on the top of your R&D, dumping me into the losers bracket of the cut. This deck, and this tournament, gave me some of the best Netrunner I've ever had. Massive thanks to everyone involved.

The moral of the story is, SDS Drone Deployment is not a good enough apology for banning my one true love, and I will continue to inflict my inner pain on my opponents until an appropriately enraging ID is produced.