Nexus 419 (1st @ Padova SC)

Ar00nDELL 163

12 runners for our first Nisei SC in Padova (not bad at all but I'm sure we can do even better!), 4 rounds of swiss followed by a top 4 (double elimination). As it happened for my corp choice it's just a mildly Downfall upgraded version of what I played at our last GNK ( It went 4-2 during the day (played against Sportsmetal, NEH, Outfit and Outfit during swiss, Outfit x2 in the cut) and was by far the weakest side for me, even though Lady Luck gave the deck the the most important win of the day against @ChaosIsMe during the final (the same player/matchup happened on the first round of the cut and 20 minutes later I was in the loser bracket) with an R&D single access. I'm pretty sure that this wasn't the best deck for the field but I had no idea about the meta I was going to find (Weyland everywhere highlighted by 4 Outfit in the top 4) and I was not confident with any other deck (not enough practice). Once again, thanks a lot to all the runners partecipating and to Tempus Fugit for guesting us!