Social Justice v2

merryartist 8

NOTE: includes one (1) copy of 'The Shadow Net' (for some reason cannot find any Terminal Directive cards in this db).

The goal of this deck is to change the agenda power balance a bit, to maximize your ability to score your own agendas while making the Corp's agenda game less useful.

Another goal is to have a certain amount of flexibility despite the focus of this strategy, where 'Artist Colony' lets you search for specific cards, 'The Artist' lets you pick a benny based on your current priorities, 'Rachel Beckman' adds 1 more chance for you to facilitate 'Liberated Chela' like 'Ashkara Sareen' does, and 'Fan Site' sacrifice has more than one use (Lib Chela, Artist Colony, Shadow Net).

I appreciate any feedback! I really want to make this strategy work, even if it is not the most efficient, to still be useful in some way.

1 Apr 2019 YsengrinSC

The Shadow Net was rotated so it cannot be played in standard.

1 Apr 2019 Cambro

Why Pipeline when you have Na'Not'K? No need to run it (ever). Same argument with study guide.

Then you prob want to run only 45 cards in a runner.

Keep it up :) If you have Creation and control you might want to go down the number of breakers and insert SMC instead.

1 Apr 2019 rubyvr00m

I saw you posted your deck on Reddit and were asking for feedback.

One thing I would definitely recommend is cleaning up your breaker suite. Maybe look at some other Hayley lists for inspiration, but you definitely don't need 3x of each breaker. Furthermore, you will likely only install one Fracter, one Decoder, and one Killer, so if you're playing Gordian Blade, you probably don't need Study Guide (same for Na'not'K/Pipeline).

For starters, I'd go to 3 copies of Self-Modifying Code and probably down to 1 copy each of your important breakers (ideally Gordian, Na'Not'K, and Laamb but Battering Ram works if you don't have Laamb). The Self-Modifying Codes are a staple of Standard format Shaper decks because they let you pull breakers from your deck mid-run. You can even let the corp rez a piece of ICE and use the SMC to get the breaker you need in the same window that you break it. It's much better than having to pay to put down your breakers ahead of time!

Another thing you might want to consider is slotting some copies of The Price of Freedom or Isolation to trash the Akshara Sareens. Sure, you need them to fire off the Chelas, but you definitely don't want to be giving the Corp 4 click turns persistently. I'm partial to The Price of Freedom here, because it also helps you keep them from scoring, which means your Chela is more likely to land in your score area and move you forward rather than setting your opponent back.

If you're going to play Professional Contacts, you definitely want all 3 copies. It's one of those cards that's amazing turn 1, but it gets worse the longer it takes you to find it. It also sort of competes with Armitage Codebusting, since both cost you clicks. If you stick with ProCo, clickless economy like Daily Casts might be Better.

Political Graffiti is probably not the best way to use the 9 influence. All the Corp has to do is Purge and it goes away. My first thought was to swap them for some Amped Up since it's an easy way of getting extra clicks if you don't mind taking a brain damage here or there. DDoS is another great choice that can help you land the Notoriety.

Lastly, it's pretty rare for a deck to cut Sure Gamble, and I think you need a pretty compelling argument to do so. In your case, if you can slim down the breaker suite from 15 cards to 6-8 you should probably be able to find room to squeeze them back in. 4c for 1 click is great value, and should help you offset the cost of some of your more expensive installables; ProCo, The Artist, Beckman, etc.

5 Apr 2019 merryartist

Thanks for the feedback all! I was able to revise my deck in a way that feels much more effective due to your advice.

The economy feels a little more robust. I was able to pare down my breakers, max out my ProCos, reinstate Sure Gamble, and integrate other suggested cards to increase my deck functionality (Amped Up, Hostage). I can't believe I've never been aware of SMC before, that probably reveals my limited casual play experience... which I am hoping to change.

Thanks again, and if you are interested in seeing the updated version, I will be including the link here shortly. Once again, any feedback for the new deck is greatly appreciated.