That's How Mafia Works - 1st, OttGat SC

lopert 1545

The next evolution in Mafia strategy.

Went 3-1 at our 6-person Ottawa NISEI SC on 19-03-30.
Wins versus 419, Leela, Max.
Loss vs Leela.

Changes from the last tournament:

-1 Data Raven, -1 Reversed Accounts, +1 Shipment from Tennin

I really hate raven in this deck, so I was determined to find something "better" to spend my influence on.
Shipment from Tennin might seem like an odd choice, but the idea is that it enables a few more outs, such as:

-1 Mausolus, +1 Afshar

Extra ETR codegate, with a bit of spice for HQ. Ideally this deck doesn't really want to be icing HQ but sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do.

+1 NGO Front

With the remaining slot from the raven removal, I added another NGO as an advance-able "trap".


1 Apr 2019 mrteatime66

I like the Tennin include! That certainly a spicy meat-a-ball. Are you not tempted to include Trebuchet instead of Bulwark?

1 Apr 2019 lopert

@mrteatime66 I think trebuchet could definitely take bulwark's spot!