I'll annoy you to death (2nd Cologne SC, 3-1)

lostgeek 903

This list is a blast to play. T1 typically consists of throw Daily Quest behind some piece of ice and either Hedge Fund or ice up HQ against Crim.

Against Misdirection try to tax them out with Ravens and Kitties besides other ICE. My board state at one point was 5 ice on the scoring remote and 3 on R&D to keep taxing them enough for Sea Source to hit.

2 Apr 2019 Cpt_nice

I think 15 ice is a bit overkill in SYNC. With 14 or 13 you'd have room for Best Defense to kill Misdirection, and/or a Reversed Accounts to deal with runners who sit back and just keep moneying up. But I am happy this list worked for you, looks solid overall.