Surveyor ASA Evo.3

Longi 1451

This is the last version of my rush ASA deck. I switched the Blue Level Clearences for more flexible Red Level Clearences and added three Slot Machines as I needed more cheap taxing ices. To gain the influence I switched from the Crisium Grids to Cyberdex Virus Suite as the Turtle is a big threat to this deck.

On the Stores Championship in Brno the deck went 3-1 (unfortunately my Smoke went 1-3) loosing only once to LostGeek in the last possible click (he played very well and slowed my down by sacrificing an early Stimhack to get rid of my Jinja City Grid).

7 Apr 2019 lostgeek

Hey, I just did the maths on the final Khusyuk run for 5 cards. With 3 agendas in your R&D, it was 60-40 in my favor. If you had one of those cards in HQ, it would have been 55-45 in your favor. That was a really fun, close game! Very well played!

7 Apr 2019 Longi

The last Khusyuk access was for 4 cards, but like you say, the chances were solid. But I believe the main reason for your win was the tempo loss you inflicted with Stimhack in the beggining. And even then, it was close and good game! Pity I had to score 4 agendas and did not draw one of the 5/3s.

7 Apr 2019 lostgeek

Oh right. That lowers it down to pretty much 50-50.

You had to score 4 agendas, but then again you got 18 credits from the SSLs I stole ;)