Fairchild Blue Sun (7-0 @ Bay Area Store Champ)

ClosDeLaRoche 57

A version of this monster went 6-1 at a store champ last month and with the addition of Downfall it went 7-0 yesterday. Here are a couple notes I have on this list:

1) Fairchild 3.0 is a boss. Influence very well spent, more so than Gatekeeper or Archived Memories. It fired more than once and it always devastated. Oversight AI on Orion gives you the credits for two Fairchilds plus change. It's perfect in this deck and, for the way I play, I wouldn't sleeve up any less than the full playset.

2) The game plan is to fast advance a Hostile Takeover and then it's two 3-pointers for the win. It's not difficult to rush out a win if you get a couple Oversight AIs or Building Blocks early. With three of each and three each of Chiyashi and Orion this happens consistently.

3) The agenda suite is spot-on. I favor consistency in deckbuilding so I find that going with all two-ofs feels great. You need the Hostile for that one last point. City Works sets up Punitive and to forces the runner to draw before a steal attempt (and, if they do, can no longer click through Fairchild). SDS snipes turtles, fracters, and prevents steals. SSL boosts your Punitive traces right after it's stolen or recovers some credits after spending five of them to score. All of the agendas have their purpose.

Craziest play of the day: I was agenda-flooded against Leela with two Gang Signs and a HQ Interface in play. I set up two scoring remotes with three ice on each of them and installed two City Works (Leela can't bounce a face-up agenda!) I managed to fully advance both over a few turns, pass turn, survive, then fast advance Hostile Takeover and score both City Works in one turn for the win.

8 Apr 2019 Shishu

I've found that Runners are either rich enough to take down oversighted Orion or can get their D4vid out easily. And Building Blocks has never given me a lot of money except for building remotes. Also Laamb vs. Chiyashi is super bad...

8 Apr 2019 ClosDeLaRoche

Fair points about David and Laamb. My only advice regarding David is to install the Orion as the inner piece of ice, get something in front of it, then OAI. At least the runner will have to get through something nasty before blowing through Orion.

I like Building Blocks. Using it on Orion gets you 10 credits, and you save a click when comparing it to OAI. Even on Chiyashi it's a gain of 7 credits and a very well protected server for a turn. Not bad at all!