HummingBird Chronos 1st GNK 4-0

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Hummingbirds are beautiful and elegant creatures, they make me happy. Just like this decks makes me happy.

This deck got me first at a small GNK (7p), going 4-0

Neural EMP + Salem's Hospitality + Complete Image gives you the kill:

  1. 100% if runner is holding 3 cards

  2. 50% if runner is holding 4 cards

Tori Hanzō + House of Knives is a fun combo but a bit expensive.

Just hope people don't run damage protection or film critic

Thanks @Rotage for the help with the design and feedback

8 Apr 2019 ayyyliens

Needs more ibrahim

8 Apr 2019 scd

Why the Breached Domes? Obviously it doesn't trigger the ID ability. Just to be extra annoying?

8 Apr 2019 FREDPI

@scd Well yes for being annoying.

It also helps against crowdfunding, that way you don't need to put ice on archives.

But mostly to annoy

Your ability will not trigger alot during games, but it's crucial for the kill combo.

8 Apr 2019 Cpt_nice

Rude deck is rude

9 Apr 2019 CodeMarvelous

Plz no lol

9 Apr 2019 theoneakaneo

Wanton Destruction it was ... sort of ... :-)

18 Apr 2019 CutthroatFinch

Looks fun! I'm curious why you spent so much inf on Congratulations! though? It's not bad as a cheap, somewhat taxing ICE, but I'm not sure I'd spend 6 inf on it. That said, I'm also not sure what you'd use it on instead.