FtW (Forfeit to Win). 3-0 Lexington SC, w/ first-round bye

Janktivist 206

First place at the Lexington, Kentucky SC.

This deck is heavily based off @manicmoleman's Vegetarian Jemison list. I added Divested Trust because I thought it would open up a cool forfeit avenue, but I don't think I scored one all day. I also added Afshar because that ice is a boss. Other changes included one fewer AM, AL, and CVS. I fit a Biotic in with the extra influence, but god knows why since Audacity is already in faction.

First round: Bye

Second round vs. Leela: HQ was flooded all game--multiple turns with five agendas in hand, one with six in hand after mando. But after my opponent stole a couple agendas from out of there, he turned his sights to RnD (which makes perfect sense in most games) and came up mostly empty. I slowly built, Oberth'd an HT for an SSL and at some point scored two more Atlases off the Oberth, which was very well protected by that time.

Third round vs. Ken: My opponent was blitz attacking me nonstop, and I 100% thought I was going to lose. Opponent quickly got a 6-1 lead on me. Double adv'd Bio Vaults in the scoring remote forced a couple runs to drain his money, at which point I was able to ice up RnD real good without any agendas in hand. I ended up turning two scored HTs into SSLs, then Oberth'd out an Atlas ftw.

Fourth round vs. Smoke: Not much to say here. I got a perfect draw with money, an opening Hostile, and just the right ice. My opponent, on the other hand, couldn't find an SMC to save his life. I scored an opening HT, then back to back SSLs (behind an Archer-BC remote) as fast as I could. I think the game lasted seven minutes.

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8 Apr 2019 x3r0h0ur

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8 Apr 2019 Janktivist

@x3r0h0urlolz, see you at the Indy GNK!