Hungry Hungry Goa'uld

Uruz 598

Artists rendition. Actual results may vary. Wildly.


So if one of the Anarch IDs likes importing one of your cards, you should probably play that card a bunch. Especially now that it has a dumb synergy that never quite worked with Imp or BAM or whatever.

Spec Work is chop bot 4-6 and I probably should've supported it better considering how damn good it is. Cache is the goto, but I feel that without a way to compress that install it's still a trap. Just trash Reaver or something. You know you want to, besides you need to make room for the star of the show. Eh? get it?

Stargate is pure nonsense. The only downside is the mu, and apex can handle that with all his freebie programs. In a perfect world, you prey off the ice on r&d, then go digging until you win, only ever seeing one ice every 3 cards, making the corp cry salty tears as the noodly underdog makes infinite money and never loses.

In reality, some asshole puts something stupid on r&d turn one and you just try your best, okay?

8 Apr 2019 koga

I've actually tried this out and it feels really nice!

The only change I'd make for now is -1 Mad Dash +1 Reboot, that card has been really important for me for Preys and as a way to keep the Bot chopping in the mid game.

I'm also very surprised by Sports Hopper, I've played Geist a lot but it seems to work really well here too!

9 Apr 2019 Uruz

Yeah, hopper is an influence-free spy cam for off turn triggers, and the link is nice.

I agree with 3 reboots in principle, but this deck requires less out of choppy by relying on consume more so you can get away with it, and mad dash lets you fire your triggers if you have heartbeat down but haven't seen choppy or spec work and harbinger yet, which happens annoyingly often.

11 Apr 2019 HakanCarlstrom

You have 6 MU-important programs, which one do you normally not install?

11 Apr 2019 Uruz

Reaver eventually gets eaten.

11 Apr 2019 spags

Hearts given for GIF alone.

11 Apr 2019 ctz

brb heading to the lab with this one. EXCELLENT work

12 Apr 2019 Uruz

Oh shit, double dose of senpai noticed me. Cheers guys.