Is This Chronos Protocol?

patchbeardpirate 7


Step 1: Use Harishcandra's ID ability to get periodic glimpses at the runner's grip. Sticking tags is nice but not entirely necessary.

Step 2: Use Daily Quest to gain credits and bait runs through stuff like Hydra and Data Loop.

Step 3: If the runner ends their turn on 3 cards you can use your knowledge of the runner's grip to combo Salems -> Salems -> Complete Image. If they end on 4 you do the same and have a 50/50 shot of winning the game and those sweet sweet style points.

Alternatively you can actually score in a server with 2 hydras and an IP Block. Hydra is expensive but usually ends up refunding itself 5 credits on a face check.

10 Apr 2019 Di4na

Why no Slot Machine?