AZ-692 (3-0 Critical Hit Games SC)

thebigunit3000 1899

Approach Ice Phase For those on Jnet, my sincerest apologies. Yes, you can jack out after exposing an inner ICE with GPI, and then not have to trash it to jack out. It's beyond stupid, I know.

I'm sure most of you are familiar with the basic Net Taps rig -- lets get into the spice:

The Supplier. Binder fodder card, case #1. Something you absolutely want to see in your opener. Hostage for them Turn 1 as well. It installs every piece that you need for free/almost-free.

The Class Act and Drug Dealer. Finds everything you need lightning-fast. Get as many triggers out of Class Act as possible. Drug Dealer doubling up on Class Act triggers makes it truly shine.

DJ Fenris. Reina. It's always Reina.

Street Peddler. People bemoan how risky this card is, but it throws more gas into the engine. Besides, you've got a Labor Rights if you have to ditch something early to keep up pressure. Install this after you've used your Az trigger, and use it on your opponent's turn to get more Az discounts.

Stargate. The "I win" program. Most times you'll not be trashing agendas, but rather ways that the Corp might possibly eke out a win. Stuff like fast-advance pieces, scary ICE (Hortums and Turings), and Breached Domes. Protip for those playing against it -- often the best call is to draw three times and hope that the two fresh cards you see will get you somewhere.

DDoS. This is where stuff starts getting nasty. What's your natural instinct when seeing DDoS on-board? Double ICE key servers? Yeah, that's exactly what GPI builds want you to do. But the most important thing is that you can expose every ICE on board! Knowing where the scary stuff is, is how you win games. Extra bonus: you can wait to pop your DDoS. If the ICE that you hit is one that you don't care about them rezzing (say you have a Hernando out and it's a Slot Machine) you can decline to pop it. If it's something nasty like an IP Block, then you can fire DDoS after you know what it is. Welcome to 6.9.2.

Crowdfunding. What a card. If they've gone broke to, say force an ICE to stay rezzed, you can install one of these a turn to get maximum value out of Corporate Grants. Also, sometimes good to avoid installing if you've already got infinite money and need to avoid decking to Obos/Domes.

So, what beats this? DoesNotSparkJoy and other asset decks have the upper hand. One Miss Bones can sometimes slow down Fully Operational decks, but it's usually an uphill battle. Outfit Rigshooter is also good -- SDS Drones are trivial to score early on.

What doesn't? MTI has a hard time. Most everything has multiple subs, so Hernando Cortez is something you want to heavily prioritize. Net Damage decks also struggle. Keyhole, Caldera, and Filtering make for a very one-sided game. Azmaris are generally too ICE-reliant to be able to score out in time.

14 Apr 2019 Krasty

Really nice deck!
Until you saw Scarcity in first round in two games of four... :o)
(I think)

14 Apr 2019 pord

Oh no... just played 1 game with this.... it upset the opponent. Just like normal GPI decks then

14 Apr 2019 Tolaasin

NRDB needs downvotes.

15 Apr 2019 x3r0h0ur

Why are you the way that you are?

15 Apr 2019 Shishu

Every time the corps try to do something nice, you make it not that way.

15 Apr 2019 leachrode

#rubiconhatersclub hmmmm...

16 Apr 2019 webster

@thebigunit3000 did you consider or already try including lovegood/black file?

16 Apr 2019 neuropantser

:bancat: :nabcat:

17 Apr 2019 BizTheDad

Yeah, this deck won't do the health of the game any favors.

17 Apr 2019 thebigunit3000

@websterI did, for a short while! While it did a ton of work in Andy DLR, I don't think it does as much work here. Best case scenario is that it buys you 5-ish extra cards milled over two turns. I think keeping the deck fast and consistent is more important than adding Blackfile/Lovegood to the mix.

17 Apr 2019 thebigunit3000

@BizTheDadand others. as far as the health of the game goes:

I get it, it's not a fun deck to play against. It's a very exciting deck to play though, because you'll often have to make a couple of sacrifices at key points in the game. (Letting an ICE stay rezzed, giving up on chasing an agenda, risking damage / losing key pieces to peddler, staying tagged at the end of a turn)

Learning to recognize when to try and rush out is a skill though. Lots of corps decks want to durdle around till the cows home. (Daily Quest and Grindy Net Damage, to name a couple) If this deck teaches those people to stop sitting on their hands, I think that's a good thing.

In addition, this deck beats up on MTI, the clear bogeyman of this current meta. If you dislike the prevalence of MTI, thank your local Net Taps players.

Finally, a new MWL will be effective May 3rd. Enough time for NISEI playtesters to consider it, but not too much time that it lingers in the meta for a prolonged period of time. While I'm very proud of my decks, I also care deeply about the game.