Tennin Rigshooter (3-0 Connections SC, YVR, 19-04-14)

Alpha 99

published by AlwaysBeRunning.net

15 Apr 2019 Alpha

This is a remoteless Tenin. With or without Jinja, build up ice protecting HQ and R&D. If you see Domes, Archives may not need protecting. Maybe keep one ice in reserve, in case of things like Alice, Sec Testing, Omar (via Rebirth or not). Then score out of hand.

Batty with Cobra and Rototurret are the rigshooting punishment, though I did use one Batty to end the run, which prevented the runner from stealing an agenda that won me the game.

Rime was very good. It boosts Aiki and DNA Tracker to make Amina far more costly. It can also sync very well with Surveyor.

No CVS was a meta call; you won't normally get away with this. I'm not sure what I'd cut for it. Maybe a Mass Com, as successful runs very much depend on what runner you're facing. I'll be tinkering with this.

13 May 2019 sblunchbox210

Before you've built out your score server, what are you putting the free advancement tokens on? Just on ice? Stockpiling for Mass Comm and Shipment from Tennin? Also, do you find yourself using Project Yagi-Uda's hosted effect very often, or is it just in there for the fast advance?

Great deck, btw! Can't wait to try it out.

24 May 2019 Alpha

@sblunchbox210 thanks! This is remoteless Tennin, so no scoring server. Domes and Jinja mean it's very difficult for runners to get successful runs.

Free advancement tokens generally go on ice. If there's no good ice target, I'll happily put one on the runner's console.

I never over advance Yagi-Uda. The FA tools are so precious that it's never something I would do.

Right now this isn't a feasible deck in my meta, as Clot is everywhere now that Shapers are more popular again. Even adding a single CVS isn't enough.